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The bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated PVC compounds. The electrical and mechanical properties conform well to the specification laid down by the  standards. The compound has high insulation and di-electric values. The process on insulation is carried out on state-of-art double extrusion lines with self centering cross head. Automaitc diameter controllers ensure precision centering and perfect concentric insulation. The skin insulation determines the color identification while the inner layer is pure insulation free from color reagents. Multi-layer water trough cooling enhances the cooling and ensures the dimension/ circularity; minimize the ovality of the cable.

Online spark testers ensure fail proof high voltage test by employing non destructive testing at six times the rated voltage – On line – while extrusion which makes sure that the product is in line tested for its adherence to quality requirements.

All incoming materials are tested at our lab for their compliance with standards. Each batch of outgoing material are also tested at our lab for their compliance with standards.

Sophisticated equipments such as Thermal Index testing, oxygen index testing, flame retarduncy testing, deep freeze testing, High voltage AC & DC water bath testing ensure that the raw materials used and the finished product meet the standards very well.